How our API has been used

The API’s breadth of information enables inquiry and discovery of countless disciplines. In the past, the Harvard Art Museums’ data has been used to generate research, explore our collections, populate games, and create art. Although a non-exhaustive list, the following projects demonstrate the wealth of possibilities.

Project Title Description Resource Used
AI Explorer Search and browse the collection via tags and descriptions generated by artificial intelligence. Annotation
Art Explorer A different approach to browsing through the collections. Object
Magnetic Poetry, Magic Message, Face Match, etc. Playful projects that show the possibilities with computer vision and IIIF Image
metaLAB Object Map Visualizations of objects in the collections Object
Museum Explorer See the entire museum through tree and pack graphs and floor plans. Gallery
Spectrum Explorer See color spectrum that is part of the branding of the Harvard Art Museums. Spectrum
The Clock Using a vintage alarm clock as the controller, interact with 3D visualizations of the Museum's collections Object