Resource Guide

Here are a few of the Resources that the Harvard Art Museums provides through the API. Not comprehensive, this list quickly demonstrates the breadth of information while also giving short summarizations of the data they offer. For more details on each, click on the table to visit the Resource's page on our GitHub documentation.

Resource Description Includes
Object Detailed information about each object in the Harvard Art Museums collections. Object ID, artwork information, artist information, images, online view count, classification, medium, etc.
Person Information about individual artists, sitters, printers, donors, authors, publishers, and more. Person ID, name, date/location of birth and death, culture, URL, Wikipedia ID
Exhibition Records of each exhibition affiliated with the museum's collections going back several hundred years. Exhibit ID, name, date, location, website URL
Publication Records for publications (books, articles, essays, etc.) that mention or display objects in the museums collections. Publication ID, title, citation, image, location, format, date, description, volume, author
Image All images produced by and associated with the museum. Image ID, image URL, IIIF URL, copyright, file ID
Annotation All annotations produced by artificial intelligence in the collections. 5 seperate machine vision services analyze images of artworks, returning their predicitions, "annotations", of content. Annotation ID, source, type, body, confidence, target, feature

For the full list of the Resources available in the Harvard Art Museums API, visit our GitHub documentation.